Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rediscovering past Chanel ads

There's a certain magic to vintage photo shoots, whether they're editorials or ad campaigns. To me, Chanel campaigns of the past, especially the relatively distant past, are always such classics. The styling, the models, and the photography all look so natural, while still serving the purpose of making the clothes look beautiful and desirable. Here are a few of my favourites:

Mariacarla Boscono for Spring 2003
Angela Lindvall for Fall 2001
Source: justaguy on theFashionSpot
Yasmeen Ghauri for Fall 1990
Source: styleregistry livejournal
Ines de la Fressange for Fall 1987
Paulina Porizkova for Spring 1982
Source: styleregistry livejournal
I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be out of the province for a week so that could mean I won't be posting or it might take me a bit of time to comment/look at all of your blogs. Things should return to normal after that, though.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lusting after... #2

I absolutely love the spare time that my summer break has been giving me. I've been looking through recent collections, curated finds, etc. and I found a few things that I love.

This Chanel FW12.13 Haute Couture dress is so perfect, from the tailoring to the exact shade of the colours.
Isn't this mint green watch lovely?
This Vionnet SS12 dress was love at first sight for me.
It never occurred to me that a lace design would work so nicely on a gold necklace.
Here is a white Hermes Kelly handbag, such a classic.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Model streetstyle

Model streetstyle sometimes has a generic image. Skinny jeans or leggings, trendy scarves, a lot of black, leather, fur, etc. These things can certainly add to outfits, but simply pulling together these elements does not always make very interesting or memorable outfits. The model looks I remember tend to be the ones that go a little further than the generic things, and here are a few that I love:

Josephine Skriver
Bonnie Chen
Iekeliene Stange
Hanne Gaby Odiele
Mirte Maas

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something new

I realize that I've been a bit late on this post and I'm sorry for my absence! I'll also try to get around to visiting all of your blogs and comment sometime soon. Some personal commitments have been keeping me busy but I think I've worked everything out now. This post is going to be more of a "me" post.

I want to start by introducing a new blog I've started called Thoughts and Pretty Things. Aspiring Forever (this blog) will remain my main blog, where I focus on fashion and related topics. In my new blog, I will be posting miscellaneous inspirations, photos that I find beautiful, of-the-moment musings, etc. I hope my lovely readers can take a look and tell me what you think.

Two pairs of flats I ordered online also arrived the other day. They're both from Daphne, a leading shoe brand in China with great designs and amazing prices. Here are some photos:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

FW12.13 couture comment

For me, FW12.13 was one of the more exciting seasons when it came to couture. Here are some of the shows that I would like to make a special comment on:

Atelier Versace

This collection has the sexy glamour that I used to love seeing on Versace ready-to-wear runways until it began changing to a different aesthetic. I love that it's returned but I think it's a little tacky for couture. (full collection here)

Christian Dior

This is Raf Simons' first collection for Dior. There are some lovely moments of classic Dior and a minimalistic approach to silhouettes from the Dior archives. The craftsmanship of the Dior studio is excellent as always, but I'm a little disappointed as I was hoping that Raf would have a little more to offer. (full collection here)

Alexis Mabille

I've heard many comments that this collection is a little over-the-top, but maybe a little drama is what we need sometimes. I love the atmosphere of glamourous extravagance that this collection brings. (full collection here)

To me, this collection was subtler and more low-key than what Karl usually brings us. It's full of feminine elegance in a simpler way. I love that it has returned to Chanel's roots and the silhouettes have ventured beyond what we have become accustomed to seeing from Chanel's past few collections. (full collection here)

Jean Paul Gaultier

The JPG woman is probably one of the coolest women in the world. PETA protests and a delay caused some major editors to leave, which is a real pity because this was not a collection to be missed. The collection is bold, unafraid, unapologetic, but also full of purpose and full of creativity. (full collection here)


I've said in a previous post that Valentino just keeps getting better, and I stand by my words. This latest collection is less girly, more mature, and a little darker than before. However, it still successfully retains the romantic and elegant DNA of the new Valentino. (full collection here)