Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quotes on Karl

Karl Lagerfeld is the man behind Chanel, Fendi, and his own masstige line. He turned a dying brand into what is arguably the most recognizable high fashion label on the planet. He owns countless pairs of gloves and a paper-eating kitten. An exploration of the Internet will reveal, however, that he is not every netizen's cup of tea. But for me at least, the wonders he works on clothing definitely lives up to the hype surrounding him.

What I find as interesting as his work in fashion design is Karl Lagerfeld as a person. He is probably one of the most quotable people on this planet, but what I find equally interesting as what he has to say us what others have to say about him. Here are some quotes that show us a bit of the eccentric behind the sunglasses:

Diane Kruger: "I was once on his plane flying to China. He wouldn’t stop talking. After a while, I said to him, ‘I have to sleep now Karl.’ When I woke up 10 hours later he was still talking to some poor assistant!"

Florence Welch: "It was funny because Karl and I were doing a shoot for Japanese Vogue, where I was talking about the underwater themes in my record, and he was saying how he wanted to do an underwater theme for his show. Then he said: 'Wouldn't it be nice if you came down on a big wire like you were floating?' and I was like: 'What?' And he said: 'We can get all these harps together...' and all these ideas were coming to him just really off the cuff… so I thought he was joking and then he put his hand on mine and said: 'Ok, so we'll do it, I'm glad we talked.' It was all really spontaneous!"

Lily Allen: "It was at a big party in Coco’s apartments in Paris. I was drunk and got lost in the building. I wandered into an attic room and Karl was there. I got really embarrassed and apologized, but he said, “No, come in.” We had a chat – although I can’t remember what about, I was so drunk. I do remember asking him about some shoes he’d designed that had a green ring in the heel [from the Chanel a/w 2009 collection]. I asked how they worked. He drew a diagram explaining the physics of making the shoe. I’ve still got the drawing. A week later I was asked to do the campaign."

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