Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fashion and other delicious things

We've gone through New York, London, and Milan, and we're now starting to sail through Paris. Fashion month is passing by in a flash and I spent a fair bit of February barely hanging on with school work because of it. I admit I have quite a few guilty pleasures when I catch up on shows from home. For one, I find nachos incurably addicting and perfect as a small snack. I've also recently learned to make instant hot chocolate. It probably sounds like the easiest thing on Earth to most people, but anyone who knows me knows that I'm legitimately useless around the kitchen. The Instagram filter I used makes it look a bit like iced tea, but I promise (or I hope) it tastes more like hot chocolate than it looks.

I also can't forget to mention that I found a real treasure at my local supermaket: mini cappuccino tarts! They honestly taste amazing.

Now, onto the fashion. The last season or two has not been overwhelmingly excellent for me, but I've really liked the FW12.13 season so far. In New York, Ralph Lauren and Jason Wu had great shows. In London, I loved Mario Schwab and Mary Katrantzou. Though London does not seem to get as much attention as some other cities do, I've always enjoyed a certain freedom and expression that tends to be present on London runways. In Milan, Jil Sander was quite breathtaking. I'll admit that in the past, I've never paid too much attention to Raf's work as I've always thought that his aesthetic was not really my type. When I saw his final collection at Jil Sander today, I was more than a little pleasantly surprised. The collection had some of the most feminine and elegant powea I've ever seen. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes next.

As for Paris, I've so far seen a great collection from Lanvin. I wouldn't call myself a fan of all the pieces in the collection but the majority of it was absolutely stunning and the silhouettes and details left me wishing for more. I know which collections I will be looking forward to in the upcoming days and I have my fingers crossed for something amazing.

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