Thursday, February 9, 2012

For the love of ice cream sandwiches

So this is the first post of my new blog. It also happens to be the first day of New York Fashion Week and fashion month for the F/W 12.13 season. No, I don't really have some awesome purpose for choosing to launch my blog today. It's actually been several days since I created/formatted this blog, albeit with a highly generic template that I like too well to switch out of, so I simply decided that it was about time I wrote my first post.

I'm a far cry from those lucky front-rowers who zap around the globe in the name of fashion but that doesn't make today any less exciting for me. I admit that I didn't follow the shows of last season too diligently but it seems that the hype has come back to me and I'm entering this season fully armed with a new twitter account and all.

Today, I've been constantly checking tFS threads and twitter for updates during classes. I basically spent the school day leeching off of my school's wi-fi and paying just enough attention in classes to still appear a decent student. I was prepared to hop onto the first bus home after school but those ultra-spontaneous friends of mine decided it would be fun to walk to a nearby supermarket and buy ice cream sandwiches. I realised that I had things to do and that Februaries in Canada can be absolutely freezing, but how does one refuse an ice cream sandwich?

The packaging looked pretty sketchy; it was from a brand none of us had heard of and was apparently milk-free, but it tasted just as an ice cream sandwich should so that's all that mattered. In essence, we lost a few calories by walking but gained them all back through eating. An ice cream run with incredibly spontaneous people? Fashion updates could wait. So no real loss there.

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